MONZTAmarket Guidelines

Always think carefully about your trade and read the Flyff Game Rules. If you want to offer items, you have to be a Networker. German version in our Forum.

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General Guidelines

Our MONZTAforum Guidelines also apply to the MONZTAmarket.

Purpose of the Platform

This platform is just for sharing your offers and search for items and services. Communication is done directly through the discussion feature or any other communication channel (e.g. ingame chat or Discord). The real trade is performed ingame. Therefore we have no insight or control about the trades.

In Case of Issues (e.g. Scamming or Ban)

We do not provide any support in case of failed trades or resulting consequences. Every trade is done on your own risk. If you want to avoid all possible issues, don't do illegal trades - just trade item vs. item with the provided trade feature of Flyff.

Recommended Usage for Best Results

  • Group related items into one offering
  • Write a meaningful title and offer text
  • Add a Flyff region tag (DE, US, EN, FR)
  • Add additional suitable tags
  • Provide any contact information (e.g. ingame name or Discord tag)
  • Please delete your offer if it is no longer valid