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Please always follow our Guidelines to ensure a kind experience for every user, our team and of course yourself. Nobody likes to struggle around.

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Look what others are searching for. No more shop opening for several hours without any message. See the demand in just a few clicks.

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See what others sell without walking hundred of times through Flaris and reading shop title after shop title. Clearly listed and visible whenever you look at it.

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Become a Networker and start to create your own offers. No matter if your searching, selling und offering any service. The MONZTAmarket is your place to be heard by other players. No more too short shop titles, reopen after disconnects and pointless PC running for hours.

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Searching any service like Tank, Powerboost, Support or whatever people can imagine to do in Flyff for money? Possibly findable on the MONZTAmarket.

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